Marc Mutty
Co-Chairman Yes On One Campaign

Marc was the former Director of Public Affairs for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland. During the referendum campaign, Mark took a leave of absence from his position, to co-chair the Yes On One Campaign. He currenlty lives in Freeport, Maine.


Linda Seavy
Volunteer Yes On One Campaign

A resident of Plymouth Maine, Linda was an active volunteer for the Yes On One Campaign primariily doing door to door canvassing and phone calls. She is also a parishoner of Pastor Bob Emmerich’s church.


Reverend Bob Emrich
Co-Chairman, Yes On One Campaign

Reverend Bob Emrich was the co-chairman of the Yes On One Campaign and is the spiritual leader of the Emmanuel Bible Baptist Church in Plymouth Maine where he resides.


Darlene Huntress
Grassroots Director, No On One Campaign

Darlene served as the Grassroots Director of the No On One Campaign  and has been active in the equality rights movenment in Maine for many years. After the campaign, she moved to Salem Oregon to be with her partner Melissa.


Sarah Dowling
Volunteer, No On One Campaign

Sarah was an active volunteer in the No On One Campaign primarily doing phone calls and door to door canvassing. She lives in Freeport Maine with her partner Linda Wolfe and daughter Maya.